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ETL also has an ethos of sharing knowledge and facilitating projects, which strenghtens not just individual members but the whole community.

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I organised several workshops to teach basic woodworking skills while manufacturing commissioned work for charities. It was a joy to have so many interested volunteers, especially woman being part of these workshops. The little cupboards as seen on the pictures are now used in Edinburgh's streets as Little Free Libraries to swap books. It is a non-profit, event space that supports local artists and musicians and is run by volunteers.

"komm schnapp sie Dir"

In Autumn , during a European volunteer project, Alys Woodhead and I turned the unused basement into a gallery space that is still in use today. The project ''A playground for Inhambane'' was a colaboration between different art instutes and vocational schools in Germany and Mozambique in During three weeks students designed, planned and built structures for playing and learning on the grounds of the Josina Machel Park in the centre of Inhambane, Mozambique.

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The project started with a creative workshop, where all the students were drawing and prototyping their ideas to create a concept and an action plan. Afterwards we refurbished concrete blocks to create a ''twister'' game and we added a flying fox.

The bridge became a language learning game, with symbols and their translation in Portuguese, English and German. Being part of a creative process between two cultures was a unique experience, that still feels very valuable today. Add vermissen to one of your lists below, or create a new one. Swiss roll. Learning Synonyms.

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