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When Jameson was attacked by Kraven the Hunter, Jennie Sheldon fired a signal flare into the sky enough to attract the attention of Spider-Woman who defeated Kraven the Hunter. Following a tense confrontation with Spider-Man provoked by a rogue branch of S.

Jameson is later abducted by Norman Osborn in order to find out who Spider-Man is. Osborn takes a brief interval from the torture to kill Phil Urich as the self-proclaimed Goblin King tried to raid one of his old storehouses. This left Jameson devastated at what he has done.

Download e-book Spider #80 May 1940 (The Spider)

He prints the Roanoke Colony 's newspaper, The Daily Trumpet , with the assistance of Peter Parquagh, whom he orders to learn more about the mysterious "Spider", believing him to be a threat to the colony. In the alternate reality of Earth X , everyone on Earth has been affected by the Terrigen Mists , granting everyone superpowers. Jameson is turned into a humanoid donkey a human body with an equine head. It is also revealed that after he published information exposing Peter Parker as Spider-Man, his reputation was ruined, as no one trusted a man who had spent years paying the very hero he called a menace, and the Daily Bugle has gone bankrupt.

In the original Marvel universe of G. Joe , Jameson is seen hassling a news vendor for the seeming lack of any Daily Bugle papers. In the " House of M " reality created by the insane Scarlet Witch and in which mutants are dominant over baseline humans, Jameson is the maltreated publicist of Peter Parker, here a celebrity without a secret identity.

Despising Peter and only keeping his job for the pay, Jameson gets his chance to completely ruin his boss when the Green Goblin gives him Peter's old journal. Learning that Peter is a mutate instead of a mutant, Jameson reveals this to the populace of the world, who come to hate Peter for having only pretended to be a mutant.

He is left grieving and guilt-ridden when Spider-Man appears to have killed himself. His wife, Marla is still alive. Ironically, he is very supportive of Spider-Girl, in contrast to his stance on her father in the MC2 continuity, Spider-Man's identity was never made public. When "Buzz" Bannon, the intended subject of Project Human Fly, is murdered and the suit stolen, he immediately condemns The Buzz , the identity assumed by the person who stole the suit. However, he is unaware that his own grandson, Jack "J. After attacking Reign officers, he is saved by the newly returned Spider-Man.

Jonah next rounds up groups of children to join his cause to save the city, as they print about Spider-Man's return. Eventually Jonah is captured by the Reign and brought to the mayor's office, where he confirms his suspicions, finding out that Venom is behind the WEBB project as a means of trapping the citizens of New York, so that they can be fed on by itself and other symbiotes. In Marvel Zombies, it proves that he was right about Spider-Man being a menace. This occurs right after Spider-Man remarks he was " going to enjoy this part.

However, he's seemingly under the thumb of Norman Osborn, the "Goblin" and kills Ben Urich to prevent him from publishing evidence against Goblin. It is soon revealed that this was in fact the Chameleon, who abducted Jameson for the Goblin. Jonah was saved by Spider-Man from being eaten by Kraven 's Siberian tiger.

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Jameson is the leader of the woodsmen, who also include Osborn and Flash Thompson. In Spider-Verse , Jameson was giving Peter Parker a call in order to demand that he go to Armstrong Park in order to take a picture of a new villain that had just appeared.

This reality has humans living on the moon. The article that followed said event as well as the newspaper itself had a positive story about how the Spider-Man version of Ben Reilly in that reality was a true hero. On Earth , J. He held a press conference against Spider-Woman after she presumably killed Peter Parker. He is responsible for passage of the Anti-Powers Act which calls for the forcible arrest and depowering of all non-conforming superpower individuals.

In Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man , Jameson is essentially the same character as the original version, although younger in appearance. Jameson decries Spider-Man and other vigilantes, accusing them of being fraudulent hero figures in contrast to his astronaut son, who was killed during a mission. While Jameson does not necessarily hate Spider-Man, he has no qualms about painting him in a negative light to sell papers.

Download PDF Spider #80 May (The Spider)

And despite his adverse attitude towards Spider-Man, this version of Jonah still ends up unwittingly hiring Peter Parker to work at the Daily Bugle as its webmaster. Feeling ashamed and regretful of his smear campaign , Jameson vows to dedicate his life towards portraying Spider-Man as the hero he really is, and begins by publishing several pro-Spider-Man stories Ben Urich held onto. Jonah Jameson appeared in various issues of What If? What If? While this version of Jonah is actually more supportive of Peter, he still harbors his hatred of Spider-Man, until he has a change of heart.

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