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If you're planning on hanging out with any cool geeks this summer, you definitely won't want to admit that all you've read lately is Fifty Shades of Grey. So here's a list of some of this summer's most buzz-worthy geek science fiction and fantasy books.

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Drop a few of these into casual conversation, and it'll establish beyond any doubt that you're a true geek who's up on the latest trends. In this week's episode of Game of Thrones , Theon Greyjoy gives a stirring speech in the face of certain doom, Daenerys Targaryen gate-crashes the House of the Undying Ones, and the Night's Watch encampment at the Fist of the First Men gets some unexpected dinner guests.

Which one of those developments proves the most disappointing for fans of George R. Martin's books?

Let's Hope Jennifer Egan's Twitter Story Heralds the Return of Serial Fiction

The large number of new characters reportedly coming to Game of Thrones next season should give fans hope that the television series will hew more closely to its vaunted source material. Here's a breakdown of what the casting news portends. This week's installment of Game of Thrones marked a big change from previous episodes. She promised not to tell, but it is the simplest way to achieve the end she knows is best, one Varys confirms. Still, while Sansa rose from being a little bird thanks to the horrors she has seen and endured — as detailed in her friendly chat with a contrite Clegane at the close of the opening celebrations — Daenerys is on the back-foot, shaped and driven by the events that came from her heading to the North to fight for the man she loves.

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Props to Emilia Clarke for her performance as well, the gulf of emotions after an extraordinary character trajectory — see her loneliness in Winterfell — is mighty. A tricky episode that needed to cross time in more ways than one and only fudged it a little. One dragon left, two episodes to go. Ebooks and Manuals

We know who the Hound and the Wolf are off dispatch, although they better hurry up — as should Jaime Lannister two weeks Tyrion said! But halfway through, the reunited Lannister brothers are tucking into some fine smut when the Bronn-anomaly pops up. Jaime is due a slaying, but so is Bronn. Riverrun vs High Garden, that could prove to be a very important hedging of bets.

It has to be Clegane. He only has one focus, but also an undeniable soft spot for his wee, and deadly, Starkling. And she for him. Well, there are a lot of bonfires to be lit at the beginning — seriously who cleared up Winterfell? Presumably there was a Raven sent and presumably, the whole continental Raven network has upgraded to 5G. The prize really has to be stolen by the brutal, unexpected takedown of Rhaegal. All Gendry needs to do is grow a beard quick-smart and the Iron Throne is his. He may be the best shot considering the alliances that are falling to tatters all around him.

The greatest splinter is down to Jon Snow, fittingly appearing at the celebratory banquet as the metaphorical thorn between two roses.

Is Daenerys really so fallible and likely to come unstuck on Westeros? This episode is quote heavy once again, but not pithy. Thrones could never rely on whittling things down to a binary choice or stacking sympathies too far on one side.

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Daenerys has to do something horrible, something despicably, unambiguously outrageous to fuel a satisfying resolution and this is the episode that makes it all possible. We are left with Cersei pitched as protector and Daenerys forced to massacre. The odds are shortening, but like that great new band you discover before they become hugely popular and ubiquitous, Thrones has changed. Catch all our reviews by taking a dragon over to our GoT Season 8 review page.

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  • Sign in. Bran is a tricky character to predict. In fact, on Tuesday, Odds Shark tweeted that Bran was actually the statistical favorite to take the throne. What happens to Bronn? Poor, poor Bronn. He keeps getting promised a castle by the Lannisters, but has yet to see any of it come to fruition.

    With Jaime and Cersei now out of the picture, he still has Tyrion to grant him Highgarden which he received in exchange for not killing the Lannister brothers. But what happens if Tyrion is torched by Drogon for betraying his queen? God of Light? It seems that only time will tell.

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    And — it might be a bit of a stretch — but what happens if Westeros becomes a democracy? Or, more realistically, if the Seven Kingdoms split up into their own country-states, no longer bound by a government that has only brought death and destruction?

    A handful of readers said they think no one will win the throne, with one suggesting Dany will fly back across the narrow sea to the lands where she is loved. What is the average life span of someone on the iron throne on this show? As soon as one is on the iron throne, others will begin plotting the next overthrow. This series really never ends. Spin offs will be easy in the right hands. What fans thought of this season. There has been no shortage of grumbling this season on a wide range of topics, from a too-dark battle scene to an apparent Starbucks coffee cup being left in a shot.