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There is a fine liberality about this sharp saying, and it is as necessary now as in the first century.

Men coalesce within the limits of the Christian community from affinities of various kinds — sympathy for a type or aspect of a doctrine, or liking for a form of polity; and as it is easy, so it is common, for those who have drifted like to like, to set up their own associations and preferences as the only law and model for all. They take the air of superior persons, and the penalty of the superior person is to be without understanding.

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The standard of the coterie — be it "evangelical," "high church," "broad church," or what you please — is not the standard of God; and to measure all things by it is not only sinful, but stupid. In contrast to this Judaistic clique, who saw no Christianity except under their own colours, Paul's standard is to be found in the actual working of God through the gospel.

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Most of these categories are self-explanatory. However, the Scythians are the wild card.

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These cats were bad news. From what I have read, the Scythians were professional killers.

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They were worse than barbarians. To use a contemporary illustration, they would make Al Qaeda look like boy scouts! They killed tribes of people, drank their blood and used their sculls for bowls and peeled off skin for napkins. Go ahead and sit next to them. Talk with them.

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Share a meal with them. We like people that look like us, act like us, like what we like, and are similar to us; however, the Christian life is just not that neat. The point of the gospel is not to unite people according to the flesh, but rather to unite people in Jesus Christ. If I am a cliquey person then I am enjoying exclusive relationships with folks while also excluding others whom Christ has brought together.

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I have just unwittingly undermined a major aspect of what Christ has bought in and through his gospel! I have promoted my personal preferences to a position of supremacy and put the gospel in position of submission. This should not be.

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This is it. It is Christ. My motive for relationships with other believers should be Christ and my desire for our time together should be the pleasure of Christ.