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They had no known children.

Many of her children's descendants became major figures of the Julio-Claudian dynasty , among them were the emperors Caligula , Claudius and Nero. There she is portrayed as shrewd, manipulative, sexually uninhibited, and extremely mindful of her family's advancement. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Julio-Claudian family tree.

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Marcus Atius Balbus 2. Marcus Atius Balbus Gnaeus Pompeius Sextus Pompeius 5. Pompeia sister of Pompeius Strabo Lucilia 1. Atia Gaius Julius Caesar I Gaius Julius Caesar II 6. Quintus Marcius Rex Marcia 3. Julia Minor Lucius Aurelius Cotta Lucius Aurelius Cotta 7. Aurelia Cotta Business Development Manager at Whitewave technology.

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Marketing at TrySight Inc. Chief lecturer at Federal college of Education special. Executive Director at Seed Change Corp.

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Interested More Users. After the conference, I met up with the George Mason University alumni again. The brussel sprouts and gnocchi were amazing! It was interesting to learn about how many assistive technology tools can be easily created, such as modified grips, switches, and more. I don't have a favorite booth from this day since everything was at different tables.

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Since my flight left at 6 am the next morning, I didn't go out or do anything exciting. I had so much fun at the ATIA Conference and am grateful for the opportunity to have met so many interesting people and companies. Assistive technology is becoming more relevant than ever due to the aging population and early identification programs, so it's great to see that there are many innovations being done in the field every day.

I'll definitely be back at ATIA next year, and hopefully the year after that too! Home Paths to Technology Blog. Related Courses Making A.

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What is ATIA? Get Plane Safety Information? Cathy Stern, an optometrist who talked about understanding how to support students with low vision and fluctuating vision.

My favorite point she made was that someone's vision should not be measured solely based on their ability to read the eye chart on the wall. I learned a lot about how to help students set goals and learned more about what students need help with when preparing for transition.

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He demonstrated the new Code Jumper device, which was created in collaboration with Microsoft, and showed how it can be used to teach kids how to code.